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Feeling Optimisic

· ComeRideWithFirman

It has been more than three weeks since my last minor bike accident. While this incident has left me somewhat anxious, I see it as an opportunity to advocate for a change in Singapore's transportation system to better accommodate the next generation of environmentally conscious motorcyclists who are embracing automation to simplify commuting in our city.

I've taken the initiative to reach out to Mrs. Josephine Teo, the 2nd Minister of the Ministry of Home Affairs, to share my thoughts and intentions regarding the introduction of a new class of motorcycle license specifically designed for electric motorcycles. I'm pleased to report that my email has been acknowledged by the Singapore Traffic Police's Testing and Licensing Branch.

I'm feeling quite optimistic about the potential for the curriculum and licensing structure to evolve in response to this proposal. In the meantime, I'll continue my learning journey, pacing myself and ensuring that I'm well-prepared for any new curriculum that may emerge.